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Natural Treatment For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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I was first diagnosed with a cyst on ovary and PCOS when I was in my late teens.  It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I started having severe ovarian cyst pain on my right ovary. After several visits with my doctor and constantly having to take birth control and pain medication without success, my faith in conventional medicine was fading fast. For a long time I didn’t do anything about it because I was so focused on my career.   When I started having severe ovary pain I knew I had to be more proactive and I turned to the internet to research other ways to treat ovarian cysts. After trying several so called “ovarian cyst miracle cures” without success, I finally found a method that worked for me…

In my research, I was amazed to find out over 3-4 million women a year suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and ovarian cysts.  It is such a cruel, soul torturing disorder…the ovarian cyst symptoms alone are not only embarrassing, but it literally makes you feel like less of a woman! The pain in my ovary that I experienced on a daily basis was like nothing I’d ever felt before.  And it only seemed to get worse as time went by.  The best way I can describe it was like I had been stabbed and someone was turning the knife inside of me!  I finally couldn’t bear it anymore, so I went back to my doctor.  After a pelvic ultrasound, she confirmed the ovarian cyst had not only grown to the size of a nickel, but I had developed multiple cysts on ovaries.  If that wasn’t bad enough, my doctor also told me I had signs of insulin resistance and was at risk of diabetes!
Ovarian Cyst Treatment
My doctor told me the ovarian cysts may go away on their own as this is usually what happens with normal ovulation.  I decided to wait and see if that was the case with me.  But my ovaries hurt and the pain was so intense it started affecting my everyday life and routine.  I found myself staying at home most nights instead of going out and being social with friends.  Slowly my friends just stopped asking me altogether and I was left alone with nothing but being forced to deal with the pain from my ovarian cysts and stressing out about how to treat it!

It started affecting my work as well.  On days that the ovarian pain was too intense, I would just call in sick and stay home.  Even when I felt able to go in, I couldn’t focus on my work because all I could think about was the darn pain in my ovaries!  My productivity started to slide and my co-workers began to notice and eventually my boss.  I spent so many days at the office just completely worn out and getting absolutely nothing done.

However, that was only the beginning of my troubles.  The other symptoms of ovarian cysts started to show their ugly face.  I began to notice course hair growing on my chin (Hirsutism) and other unwanted areas of my body and the hair on my head started to thin.  I began feeling not only embarrassed, but completely unattractive and depressed. I was constantly moody and people began to notice the change in my personality.

It even affected the relationship with my fiancé who thought I was just having really bad PMS and he would make remarks that would always start a fight.  At one point he even threatened to move out!  It was then I knew I had to do something about treating my ovarian cysts.

I went back to my doctor for another pelvic ultrasound and she told me the cyst on my ovary had gotten even bigger and was now about the size of a cherry tomato.  Even though she didn’t think I would need surgery just yet, I was freaking out at the thought of it.  She switched my birth control to see if it would help in shrinking down the ovarian cysts.

A few very painful months past and I went back for another pelvic ultrasound only to find out the birth control wasn’t working as my doctor had hoped. Then she broke the news to me about how my polycystic ovaries were affecting my fertility.  Because I had irregular menstruation, my chances of becoming pregnant were not only slipping away, but I had an increased chance of becoming infertile altogether!

My fiancé Jason and I both knew we wanted children and I was terrified to tell him what I had been told, in fear he would leave me because I was damaged goods or something.  I knew fertility treatments were an option, but we both didn’t really make enough money to do that, not to mention there was no guarantee it would even work. My doctor suggested I seriously consider laparoscopy to remove the cyst on my ovary. I thought about it, but I began to think about the dangers of surgery and things like what if they damaged my ovary or even worse…had to do a laparoscopic removal of my ovary.  Terrified,  I decided to exhaust all other options first.

I went online and started researching everything I could about treatment of ovarian cysts and PCOS. I joined several PCOS forums, but only found that most women were in the same situation as I was and didn’t really have any advice on treating ovarian cysts other than fertility treatments.  I tried several different natural ovarian cyst treatments, but found they were either too confusing or they tried to convince me that I could cure the disorder through meditation…REALLY?!?

Holistic Remedies For Ovarian Cysts That Actually Worked For Me!

Ovarian Cysts GuideFinally, I found Laura Henning’s Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets.  Now I have to admit, at first I thought…Oh here we go again another “secret cure”, but I literally had no other options left, so I figured what the heck and downloaded the guide anyway.

What impressed me the most about Laura’s guide is the amount of detail leaving nothing out and how easy it was to follow.  It has made me look at nutrition and health in a whole new way. By eliminating certain things that are actually causing your cysts, you can actually prevent them from coming back and ultimately control PCOS! Personally, her method on getting rid of ovarian cyst pain alone was worth the cost of the guide itself, which is very inexpensive anyway.

This guide will literally walk you through each step of the way showing you a completely unique and proven method to get rid of PCOS and ovarian cysts permanently!

I also thought the one-on-one support was a huge bonus since most programs I have tried leave you to figure it out on your own!  There are so many bogus programs out there that not only cost a lot more, they just don’t work!  Even though I found this program to inspiring and motivating, that doesn’t mean I’m one sided about it….

This type of program does require some commitment.  If you are not willing to put forth some effort to complete the steps then I simply would not bother with it.  Also, it will not work for dermoid ovarian cysts.  I did not have these types of ovarian cysts, but if you do this won’t work for them…just FYI.

When I first started the program I didn’t notice any changes for about week and almost gave up. But I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick fix and stuck with it. Gradually I noticed my symptoms were going away. By the end of my 2nd week my pain was completely gone! After just 2.5 months I went back for another ultrasound and it showed my ovarian cysts had shrunk down.  I’m not out of the woods yet, but I recently had my first period in over 2 years and I couldn’t be more excited.

All in all, I am very thankful for trying this program.  Laura’s guide has changed my life by showing me that it’s the way you treat your body on a daily basis that has a direct effect on ovarian cysts and PCOS along with the symptoms you experience!  Ultimately, she has shown me a way to a healthier and better quality of life.  I know for some people 2 months may seem like a long time to wait for results, but for me, I had already wasted way more time than that by doing NOTHING at all! I realized after going through the program, if I had started it sooner I could have avoided months of pain and worrying.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you it will absolutely work for you because I honestly don’t know and that would be misleading.  I just wanted to share what finally worked for me…

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Thanks for listening and best of luck in whichever ovarian cysts treatment you choose!