Pain From Cyst On OvaryOther than the fear of possibly developing ovarian cancer there are so many more discomforts that a cyst on ovary can cause women.

Cyst on ovary are tumorous growths. They may not necessarily be malignant but they are still abnormal swelling in the ovaries. These ovarian cysts may be as small as a pea which contains fluid or it may grow to as big as 14 inches in diameter. Like any other forms of swelling, it is painful.

A cyst on ovary develops in the reproductive part of the body where the ovaries are. It causes abdominal pain during menstrual period, during and after sexual intercourse, during urination and during bowel movement. It also causes pain in the pelvic area, at the back and thighs.

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The existence of multiple cyst on ovary also causes irregular menstrual period. Because of this, it is also possible that a woman who is diagnosed with it may suffer infertility. Most women believe that in order for them to feel the completeness of their femininity, they must be able to bear a child. But women who have ovarian cysts may sometimes not be able to get that chance especially if what they have are those types of ovarian cysts that grow.

Ovarian cysts also cause weight gain. As mentioned earlier, a cyst on ovary is a tumor or swelling. They contain fluid and may grow as big as 14 inches in diameter. This development explains the weight gain. Ovarian cysts are also sometimes noted to contain not just fluid but other tissues as well including hair, teeth and skin. A woman who has a growing cyst on ovary may look like a pregnant woman. They also cause a bloated feeling or fullness.

If a woman feels a tingling sensation or a slight pain somewhere near her reproductive area and she suspects that she has ovarian cysts, it is best to consult a gynecologist and have it removed right away if there is indeed one. It is not right to wait for the condition to worsen especially if a woman is planning to get pregnant. Multiple cyst on ovary should be treated before pregnancy, not during pregnancy to avoid unwanted abortion.

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