Prevent Ovarian Cysts From Affecting Your Pregnancy

While some women worry about unwanted pregnancy, there are also some who desperately want to get pregnant but cannot conceive. There are several reasons that a woman cannot get pregnant. One of those reasons is the existence of ovarian cysts. These are pea-sized sacs which develop on the ovaries. They are filled with liquid. However, they do not remain as tiny as a pea. They may also grow big and they can grow as big as 14 inches in diameter!

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Although most gynecologists say that more than 90% of cysts are harmless, it would still definitely bother a woman if there is a chance they get the 10%, which are harmful. They may be harmful to the woman herself or to a developing baby if a woman gets pregnant.

Ovarian cysts affect pregnancy by interfering with the normal growth of a developing fetus. They come in different types and two of them are known to greatly affect pregnancy. The first one is what they call endometrioma which develops in the lining of the uterus. It grows bigger and thickens the lining of the uterus affecting the development of the baby. The second one is what they call cystadenoma. Cystadenoma is a cyst that grows as big as 30 cm in diameter. It is very painful for any woman to experience and even more so for a pregnant woman.

How Ovarian Cysts Affect Pregnancy Pain Relief Help

Having ovarian cysts treated while a woman is pregnant is very risky. It may lead to unwanted abortion. The best time to have it treated is definitely before pregnancy. A regular consultation with a gynecologist is very important. By doing so, you are able to track if you have any abnormalities or if there is an existing ovarian cyst which may hinder you from getting pregnant or conceiving.

As they say, one of the things that make a woman whole is bearing a child. A woman may not totally feel her essence unless she becomes a mother.

While there are ways to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally, one should take that opportunity and not let it hinder you from being a mom. Do not let it stop you from being a fulfilled woman. You should be able to bear a child if you want to and be able to deliver it safely without the interference of cancer causing ovarian cysts.

While avoiding getting rid of cysts may not just hinder you from getting pregnant or conceiving, you also put your own life at risk by taking the chance of it developing into cancer.

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