Dieting With PCOS

One of the largest contributors to ovarian cysts and PCOS today is unhealthy dieting. Younger women that have PCOS seem to eat an excess of refined carbohydrates and sugar. This causes an abnormal rise in insulin levels. Some doctors claim that insulin can stimulate the androgen receptors that are located on the surface of the ovary. This causes the common symptoms of ovarian cysts and PCOS such as course hair (usually on the arms, legs and face), acne as well as thin hair on the scalp. Dieting like this eventually leads to obesity, in effect causing increased insulin resistance or the inability to take up insulin within the cells, further aggravating the condition of PCOS. These androgenic hormones play a partial role in preventing the release of the ova or egg from the follicle.

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Women that possess a large amount of malfunctioning follicles in the first place, because of xenobiotic existence in the uterus, will have more severe complications when they maintain diets that contain excessive sugar and foods with low nutritional value. The fact that this specific type of dieting is popular with younger women and teenagers, makes it clear to see why PCOS is on the rise within that specific age group. About fifty years ago, the average intake of sugar was one pound per year. Now the average teen consumes 1 pound per week! Highly refined snack foods like chips, rice and pasta have the same effect on a person as sugar does.

If you look at ovarian cysts and PCOS in a larger view, it is easy to realize why drugs designed to block hormones and decrease insulin don’t seem to work in the long term. These methods don’t address the root cause of the condition. They merely mask the symptoms. Ultimately what you get is temporary improvement and sometimes horrible side effects brought on by each type of drug.

On the other hand, eliminating the sugar and taking progesterone isn’t the answer either. Eliminating both is probably what should be done. The importance of a healthy diet and exercise play a key role in maintaining a normal hormone balance.

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