I get a lot questions from my readers about their difficulties in dealing with ovarian cysts and pcos, but one of the most common is probably “Who the heck is Laura Hennings?” Here is some insight on Laura Hennings and who she is.

First of all, Laura is not a doctor and doesn’t claim to be.  She was just like anybody else who has suffered from ovarian cysts…frustrated.  After dealing with ovarian cysts for six years she got fed up with the doctors she was seeing and decided to go out on her own and seek out a solution to the problem.  She spent over 3 years, literally submerging herself in the disease,  claiming to have read over 400 books, researching the root cause of ovarian cysts, traveling to meet with doctors, interviewing researchers, homeopaths and herbalist.

She realized that the conventional approach to treating ovarian cysts and pcos was not only ineffective, but sometimes made the condition worse!  So Laura began using what she had learned and started testing it on herself.  After many failed attempts she put together the “pieces of the puzzle” as she explains it one-by-one of what actually produced positive results.  Eventually, she was able to develop a completely natural approach that systematically helped her reverse her pcos condition in a matter of about 7 weeks!

She then experimented with it on other willing ovarian cysts sufferers and claims that within 8 weeks 23 of the 23 participants were able to rid themselves of ovarian cysts!

Here is a list of some results from those who participated:

  • Their ovarian cysts rapidly shrunk…
  • Within days their pain was gone…
  • None of them had to go through painful surgery…
  • Everyone who followed her program never experience another cyst on ovary!
Other unexpected results:
  • Weight loss
  • More consistent menstrual cycles
  • Emotions were more balanced…women experienced less mood swings
  • Improved sex drive
  • Unrelated illnesses started to abate
Through Laura’s hard work she was able to create a method that actually attacks the root cause of this condition and not just the symptoms of ovarian cysts…more important, it is a 100% natural approach.  She uncovered the fact that the most common conventional treatment for pcos or ovarian cysts (birth control) most times causes them to increase in size…which can ultimately lead to surgery!
Personally, I believe some drugs like antibiotics can save your life!  However, Laura Hennings makes a strong argument in that these drug companies are out to make money….plain and simple the only way they have our health in their interest is because the can profit from it!  It really is disgusting when you think about it…..That however, may be a topic for another post.

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